Deviations from the Building Law according to § 67 of the German Model Building Code 2002, for example, from the

  • State building regulations
  • Special building regulations
  • Special building directives
A permission has to be obtained from local building authorities. Proof for compensation of any deviations is usefully carried out in the planning approval proceedings related to the fire safety concept.

SOURCE: Fire Safety on Construction Sites
Deviations from the technical building regulations introduced according to § 3 (3) (3) of the German Model Building Code 2002, for example, from the

  • Conduit System Directives
  • Ventilation System Directives
  • System Floor Directives
Proof that an equivalence of the safety protection has been achieved has to be supplied by the concept creator. A formal approval of the local building authorities is usually not required. However, the proof has to be presented to the creator of the fire safety concept and the local building authorities.
Deviations from the usability proof

  • Significant deviations require an Approval in Individual Cases (German abbr.: ZiE) by the supreme building authorities.
  • Minor Deviations are considered to comply with requirements according to § 22 of German Model Building Code 2002. The confirmation is done by the creator, if applicable, in consultation with the owner of the usability proof